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Tommy Hilfiger Sweaters (25 pieces)

Tommy Hilfiger Sweaters (25 pieces)

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Vintage and second hand Tommy Hilfiger sweaters 25 pieces

In the bundle you will find a selection of different Tommy Hilfiger sweaters. The sweaters come in different styles, colors and sizes. We will always ensure that your order is a unique mix and contains different garments from our collection.

The sizes mainly vary between XS and XL. However, you can also receive some larger or smaller items.

The photos are just a demonstration of the items you can receive, you will receive similar items from our range. No rights can be derived from the photos.

The clothing items generally have no defects (Grade-A). Please note a small Grade B percentage of items (items with defects) in this bundle due to human error during the checking and sorting of the clothing in our clothing wholesaler.

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