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T-shirts & sweaters with print (25 pieces)

T-shirts & sweaters with print (25 pieces)

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T-shirts & sweaters with print 25 pieces

This bundle contains 25 vintage and second-hand t-shirts and/or sweaters with a print. You will find mainly t-shirts in the bundle and a small selection of sweaters.

Most clothing items are unbranded or from the Fruit of the Loom brand. However, there are also a number of branded items such as The Looney Tunes or Disney.

The sizes mainly vary from S to XL. However, you can also receive some larger or smaller pieces.

The photos are just a demonstration of the vintage clothing items you may receive , you will receive similar items. No rights can be derived from the photos.

The clothing items generally have no defects (Grade-A). Please note a small Grade B percentage of items (items with defects) in this bundle due to human error during the sorting of the clothing in our clothing wholesaler.

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